Pricing for Tutors

Bronze Plan

₹ 1999

  • 5 Credits
  • Validity: 6 months
  • 50% Commission of first 24 sessions
  • Zero Commission after 24 sessions

Gold Plan

₹ 3499

  • 10 Credits
  • Validity: 12 months
  • 40% Commission of first 24 sessions
  • Zero Commission after 24 sessions

Platinum Plan

₹ 5999

  • 20 Credits
  • Validity: 24 months
  • 30% Commission of first 24 sessions
  • Zero Commission after 24 sessions
Pricing FAQs
We connect students to you and one student connect is equal 1 credit.
GharPeShiksha and our teachers are working to deliver best education to students.
So we will not deduct the Credit when student accept your demo class and payment is made by student.
Only in case of unsuccessful demo class.
You can extend validity of your credits for 2 month at price of ₹ 199
Classes will be send regularly through mail and SMS of your preferred areas and preffered subjects.
To know the contact details of any class.You need to Submit Request for that class from your profile.
We consider all teacher's request for a particular class and allot the class to best teacher matching the parents requirements
Only one tutor at a time will be send for a class by GharPeShiksha
Credit will be counted only when we connect student to teacher.
No, We send classes only as per your preferred areas and preferred teaching subjects.You are free to select only those classes which matches your expectation.However,Fees can be negotiated with the parents as per your teaching quality.
Our work is to connect you to the students looking for home tuition.
We do not guarantee your success in Demo Class.
Your success will depend on your teaching style, confidence, subject clarity and other behaviours like punctuality, bonding with student etc.
After your profile activated, for class you will be intimated through email and sms.
You have to Submit Request or apply for that class from your profile.
We will consider all teachers request against that class and allot the class to the teacher better fitting the requirements of parents.
If we have not send you enough classes or you Submitted Request for fair number of class and still you didn't got any
In this case we will extend your validity till you get the class and your credits are remaining.
In case,if we fail to arrange a single demo for you in 3 months,you can demand refund after 3 months.In all other cases amount is non refundable.
If any of your question remain unanswered or for any query feel free to contact (+91)7065-8065-65

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