Teachers FAQs

Refund Policy (Applicable only to teachers paid before 1st July 2017)
We believe on the concept of "NO SERVICE, NO MONEY".If our platform fails to give you any home tuition enquiry from your preferred zones within first 3 month.You can demand the refund of your registeration amount after 3 months.
Although this scenario will rarely happen as we are working hard to make our services better.
No, We are taking profile activation amount for giving you opportunities.Now its whole your responsiblity to teach the students well and have a good command over your subjects.
  • No worries, just figure out what went wrong in demo, improve it as the next opportunity will be waiting for you :)
No, Please wait we will give you home tuition opportunities matching your preferred subjects and preffered zones.
You can see the flow of enquiries in your profile so it is very rare that you will not get classes.
You are free to leave our platform anytime between 1 year of service but sorry if we sent you the classes before then you are not eligible for refund after first 3 months.
Please try to understand our platform will always prefer student's convenience.This platform's motive is to find best home tutor for students.
Timings and fees can be adjusted by mutual understanding of parents and teachers.
We don't guarantee classes for you on specefic time and fixed fees on your demand.
Our platform works for student's satisfaction.
More the number of chances you got rejected by students,
More the chances that we would not prefer you in future.
So please teach only those subjects on which you already have a good command.
Our platform works for student's satisfaction.
If more than one teachers request for a class,
then its our responsiblity to find the best match from these teachers.
So please wait and request for other classes.
We will provide you classes from your preferred zones like North Delhi, South Delhi, Central Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi, North west Delhi, South west Delhi.
We do not guarantee to give class in your specific area.

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