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Ms. Payal Gupta

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 7 Years Experience

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 Science Expert

 5 Years Experience

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 Social Science Expert

 9 Years Experience

Mr. Naveen

 English Expert

 10 Years Experience

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Get Online Classes provides all the benefits mentioned earlier like being easily affordable, convenient, and reliable. It provides everything which a well managed and renowned coaching institute may provide you, whether it is the quality education with subject specialist teachers or the motivation and guidance necessary to hit the bull’s eye and also as the platform is new we use advance technology to explain the concepts clearly in our online learning program. And if you want to teach online you can also come together with our website, these days a lot of college-going students wants to teach online and earn their pocket money, you are most welcome to our family.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, online learning has become affordable and easily accessible. As the pandemic halted the world with no hope of reopening soon. Online mediums came out as a savior in those difficult times. Everything that could be done digitally, started going online. Work from home and learn from became a trend and a necessity as well.

While companies encouraged their employees to work from home, schools and colleges also took this opportunity to expand their online education program.

Since going out was not an option, online classes were the best option rather than physically attending the classroom.

Online courses have their own benefits and provide much flexibility in the learning process. A student from Kerala needs not to go to New Delhi to take admission in his desired course in Delhi University, he can take part in online college courses offered by the university. Similarly, a girl from Odisha can also enroll herself in her choice of college for distance learning without being there physically. This is the biggest advantage of online study. Online training courses enable an individual to increase their knowledge. In addition to that, online classes have multiple other advantages like flexibility in fixing the class schedule, absence of commuting time, the comfort of your home, and availability around the globe. There are many such examples of how online education helps in eliminating the drawbacks of the traditional education systems.

Although the pandemic caused heavy losses to almost all the economies and several companies’ operations have been adversely affected. In these tough times, we are witnessing the rise of online education platforms. Amid the boost in the online education industry, there are several online schools in line to utilize this golden opportunity. There are a lot of companies offering part-time online tutoring jobs and online classes for all subjects. But parents & students need to be careful with their choices. They must not fall for tempting offers and make the mistake of getting trapped in their clutches. The same goes for the teachers. There are companies that promise online tutoring jobs or part-time tutoring jobs and charge membership fees but they fail to keep their promises. Online private tutoring jobs are the new temptation to lure teachers into the nasty world of online education fraud.

To conclude, Education being a necessity that cannot be stopped. Online mode of education seems to be the need of the hour. We should rely more on online studying than traveling to school or college. However, it is also important to do proper research before enrolling in any online education website or platform. Just the way we research for school and college.

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You will watch video classes for that specific chapter or raise your queries in live doubt sessions. You can ask the teacher directly from app or Web portal. Teacher will interact with you within an hour.

We have created interactive and detailed videos of every chapter of multiple subjects with the help of our team of Indian's best handpicked expert teachers.

After watching video classes, you will understand the chapter in detail. Once your doubts have been cleared and you have learned your concepts. You can also post your doubts to teachers.

You can always write an email to us on or simply call us on our helpline number +917065-950-985 for further assistance.

Every time the child takes the self-assessment test on our website or app. Their performance is recorded and an automated progress report is generated. Parents can track what their child is learning and how the child is performing in tests.

We have handpicked the India Best expert Teachers on our platform. The video classes also gives you the flexibility of scheduling your class at your time. It does not require you to travel to the tuition centre and dress well. Solve your doubts instantly by connecting to Best Teacher.

The study notes of the respective chapters will be provided by the teacher after the completion of the class. You can download the notes using the “Download notes” button.

Yes, you can take the demo class to check the quality of our services. Just sign up with us and create your account. Conceptual Videos are free to watch however to take the full course you have to take subscription.