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Shamsher Sir

M.Sc in Mathematics
20 Yrs Experience

Smriti Saini

B.A and LLB
3 Yrs Experience

Dharmendra Yadav

15 Yrs Experience

Pragya gupta

3 Yrs Experience

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Trial Class can be a free or paid depending on tutor. In most cases, Trial Class is free of cost However in some cases experienced tutor might demand paid Trial Class.
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You can pay directly to tutor or You can also pay on our website. We will settle the amount with teacher only after asking you.
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In monthly charge, payment is usually done in advance(Recommends payment on our website) and in session wise class payment is usually done session wise.
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Yes, We can show teacher's relevant documents on demand.
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If payment is made through us, Yes we will refund your amount on pro-rata basis within 2 working days.
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If payment is made through us, Your amount will be refunded on pro-rata basis or other tutor will be arranged.
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If payment is made through us, Yes we provide payment receipt on each and every fees payment.
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Online classes

Online classes have become the new normal in today's modern world. As the process of digitization is gaining momentum, educational institutions have made significant progress in bringing everything on an online platform. With the facility of online classes, students no longer have to find coaching institutes miles away from their homes. Among other benefits, online classes are affordable too!

Online classes for all subjects

There are many online academic institutes that are conducting online classes., a well-known online educational institute provides online classes for all subjects. It facilitates objective learning through various project works and assignments. Online classes for all subjects and all classes are available at the website of GharPeShiksha at a nominal rate.

Online college courses

There are only a few online platforms that provide online college courses., one of the finest educational institutes in India, provides online college courses for all students at an affordable rate.

Online courses

Online courses are a boon to the students looking after a job. In today's technologically advanced world all that matters is the skill and knowledge that online courses can provide. Online courses help students to enhance their abilities and make them fit for any type of work in their domain.

Online education

Online education has a lot of benefits as opposed to conventional offline education. Affordability and comfort are two of many., a top-notch online education platform provides all the necessary guidance and teaching support to ace any exam with good marks. Visit the site to know more about online education at GharPeShiksha.

Online learning

Technology advancements have brought us quite far in the process of online learning. We no longer need to waste our valuable time looking something up in a heavy encyclopedia in the age of the internet. Every relevant piece of information that we require is only a click away from us. Online learning is a boon to today's world. GharPeShiksha, one of the finest online learning platforms offers all the necessary courses required to ace an exam. Students can visit the website to know more.

Online learning platforms

There are a lot of online learning platforms available on the internet. Unfortunately, there are only a few good ones available to everyone. is one of the best online learning platforms in India that is accessible to every class of students. Its affordability and quality of education make it stand out from the crowd.

Online school

Technology has changed the way we think in previous decades. Online school, a by-product of advancement in technology has made the life of millions of students easier. With the help of online school, students can learn in the comfort of their homes in a cost-effective manner. GharPeShiksha is one such institution that provides top-quality online schools.

Online study

Gone are the days when students used to travel several miles to reach their coaching centers. Since the last decade, an online study has been taking the place of offline study in a very efficient manner. A lot of students find online study more efficient and cost-effective than conventional tuitions. Online study is the first choice of students these days.

Online training courses

Online training courses at are one of the best of its kinds. GharPeShiksha strongly believes in skill development by acquiring knowledge in different domains. These online training courses open up many potential career opportunities for students. After completing online training courses at GharPeShiksha you automatically become eligible for work in different fields.

Online learning platforms

Online learning platforms have changed the perspective of learning in today's modern world. is one of the most sought-after online learning platforms in India. There are plenty of other online learning platforms available on the internet but only a few serve their customers selflessly. Visit the website to know more.

Online tuition

Online tuition services have become quite popular among the students of today's generation. The comfort of studying at our homes which online tuition can provide is way greater than the hassle we go through to reach our coaching institutes every day. GharPeShiksha provides the best online tuition services at an affordable rate so that every student can access top-quality education.

CBSE online classes

GharPeShiskha, an online learning platform offers CBSE online classes at a nominal fee. GharPeShiksha's diverse educational courses have benefited thousands of students. A CBSE-specific learning course that corresponds to the newly announced curriculum is available at a very reasonable price for all students. Students can access CBSE online classes through the website