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Why GharPeShiksha is best for online education?

For a student's success in their personal and academic life, learning plays a pivotal role. At present, when the digital age is expanding. It is helping the students and parents in deeply shaping their future ways. GharPeShiksha motivates and guides the student by being a constant learning partner in the fast changing world. So that they can face their hurdles with confidence and preparation.

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Online Learning Facility at GharPeShiksha is an online learning platform that has been helping students since its inception. It is one of the best online tuition websites in India. We have been providing online learning facilities to a sizable number of students with our best teachers. We are the first choice in the field of online education and online schooling. But why should you choose us? Here are a few things which make us the best in our field:

1. Affordable: A lot of talented students fail to achieve great heights just because of their weak financial background. The exorbitant fees of coaching institutes which they charge for mere guidance exacerbate their condition and hope for learning. To aid their learning we provide quality education at a very nominal price. We understand the struggle that a parent has to do to make his or her child learn something. Thus, we are open to all.

2. High-Quality Education: To enhance the understanding of our students we arrange online classes with the best faculty available. We hire only highly qualified professional teachers, keeping in mind the interest of our students.

3. LIVE Online Master Classes: We provide live lectures to our students so that they can interact with the teachers in real-time and ask their doubts immediately.

4. Prepare for Entrance: We have special coaching classes for CBSE and ICSE Board & JEE and NEET entrance exams which are considered to be very tough among students.

5. NCERT Solutions: NCERTs are the heart and soul of every competitive exam which requires basic understanding. Thus, to make the learning experience hassle-free we give NCERT Solutions for all subjects to our students so that they have a reference to match their answers.

6. Recorded Video Lectures: Sometimes we are not able to attend a class due to some urgent work or when we are unwell. So, to fill this gap we provide recorded online video lectures for all subjects to our students.

7. Comfortable: With our distance learning program, students can take the lectures by sitting in their homes. This saves their travel time and money spent to reach the coaching center.

8.. Online Video Classes for all subjects: We believe that we should provide assistance to the students in every subject. That is why we provide online classes for all classes and all subjects.

9. Revision Notes: We understand that a lot of students face difficulty while reading the standard textbooks and to tackle this problem we provide short and crisp notes of every chapter. To accompany the notes we give our students regular assignments, NCERT solutions for all subjects, daily homework, and weekly tests so that every concept gets firmly cemented in their minds.

10. Separate Doubt Session: Doubts are those obstacles that we face while reading a new chapter. Hence at the end of every chapter, a separate doubt–discussion session is arranged to clear all your doubts. It will improve your understanding of the concepts.

11. Monthly and Weekly Tests: In order to assess our students' progress we arrange monthly and weekly tests. It helps us to know where a student needs support and how he or she can improve.

12. Free Mentorship: We understand that a teacher's job is not just to teach his or her subject. Rather, a teacher has to look after his or her students in every condition. A teacher should motivate and guide his or her students to the road of excellence. That is why we arrange special counseling sessions that help our students choose their careers wisely.

13. Student Friendly Environment: Keeping in mind the stress that a student has while preparing for an exam, we endeavor to provide our students a very amiable environment in which he or she can ask his or her teacher for any help related to studies. Professionally trained teachers help the students to overcome their anxiety and score good marks in their exams.

It is not really the online courses and facilities that we provide that make us the most approached online study platform, but the concern that we have for our students. Our foremost responsibility is the welfare of our students. We care and cherish our students.

Online Tutoring Jobs at GharPeShiksha

GharPeShiksha as an emerging online learning platform always aspires to develop its faculty and provide its students with the learning facility available. We are constantly focusing on improving our pedagogical methods so that our students can avail the benefits. We hire interested candidates for part-time tutoring jobs.

Part-time online tutoring jobs are hard to find these days. Coaching institutes demand a degree before hiring a teacher, which sometimes curbs the opportunity of an aspiring teacher who is competent and interested in teaching the students but lacks a college degree. For the establishment of a student-friendly environment, we hire new teachers, and that too is only on the basis of their competency. We take interviews to ascertain the quality that a newcomer can impart.

Along with professional teachers, we also hire college students for online private tutoring jobs. Online college courses and online training courses are available to those who are willing to learn.